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Danger: Steph's Ranting
Monday, May 1, 2006

Why do musicians have to rip everyone off?

The other day I was listening to Punch Much. I heard that song by BEP, the one where they use the Pulp Fiction music. And also the Beep song by Pussycat Dolls, where they use ELO's Evil Woman. And I was upset. I love ELO, and my love for it was slightly nibbled away by seeing their music used in a song about guys being gross jerks.. And how it's perfectly fine. I'm tired of this. What's the good of music anymore, if it's rude, demeaning and unoriginal? It used to be about love, and now it's about... Ugh.

My friend was talking about how she missed the good old days. The days we never experienced, that is, but miss nonetheless. The days where women and men stars were perfect, beautiful and glamorous. They were talented, revered and were respected. They were dazzling. Now it's just too easy to be a star. Stars dress like prostitutes, and little girls follow the example. What happened to the beautiful jewelry, the perfect hair, the lights? I want that. I want to be awed by stars, not repulsed.

After all the work women went through to be heard, why are so many of them now throwing away their dignity?

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You know what I'm talking about
Saturday, April 22, 2006

Even if it's just the label on the shampoo...

Uncle John's Fast-Acting Long-Lasting Bathroom ReaderPeople read in the bathroom. I'll admit it. I read in the bathroom. When I was little I'd read the swearwords in public rest-rooms, to the chagrin of my poor mother. Sometimes my dad'll buy us Mad Magazines and whatnot, and they always end up in the bathroom. One day, though, we discovered a series of books that actually have been around for a long time. They're called Uncle John's Bathroom Readers, and they're amazing books. Now, I know this is kindof weird. Who the heck wants to buy a book especially to read in the john? The thing is, these books are fun, interesting and very informative. And you can read them anywhere you want :P

I've had many debates with my History teachers, English teachers, friends, relatives over my Bathroom Readers (of which we have about....six.) and the information I read about in them. There is a huge variety of subjects.. The history of many different famous people, landmarks, movies, songs.. quotes by famous comedians and great thinkers... brainteasers, stories, dialogues, how-to's, etc. And on the bottom of every page there is a bit of trivia.

If you know people who love trivia and learning about everything, and don't have any ideas on what to get them, this is a great idea. The books are usually pretty big, too, so they last a long time (We haven't bought a new one in ages, and I'm still reading and re-reading them) and although they are expensive, they are well worth it. So pick up a Reader, and flit through the pages and you might be very impressed by all the.. "absorbent material" :P

p.s. if you go to my Amazon link, you can read some of the pages inside the book by clicking the "search inside" picture. It's got a full index, the inspiration for Napoleon Dynamite name, funny anecdotes of people screwing up, and quotes.

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Sorry, I can't hear you
Monday, April 10, 2006

Dang kids and their dang iPods!

iPod - mp3 playeriPods! Who here is sick of iPods? Not like they aren't sweet or anything.. It's just everywhere I turn, there's iPod merch (like in Chapters, for example!) and no room for any other skins/holders/special gadgets. My brother has an mRobe, which is a touchscreen mp3 player, and although it is very very nice, I just couldn't handle carrying around such a delciate, expensive mp3 player. I need things that are hardy. Not to mention the fact, as weird as it sounds, I'm a person that can't be bothered with having over 50 songs!

mp3 player - LyraI've been carrying around a little RCA Lyra for almost a year (god, already!) and it is the perfect little gadget for me. Sure, there is barely any screen, and I can only hold about 65 songs, but it is sturdy, efficient, not too expensive and small. And y'know, that's all I need! I understand there are those who love their toys, and they find indexes, built in calculator, games and 1000-song playlists exciting, but I am content with easy controls, about 60 songs and the battery life is amazing for one little AAA. As long as I have something to occupy me on the bus and at the gym.. I'm set!

See? Isn't it cute?I want to give mine a nickname.. Lyra.. Lyrie.. Liar.. Lenny.. 

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Bad Reviews
Saturday, April 8, 2006

Does it bother you when your favorite movies get the thumbs-down?

I am tired today, and I don't know what to write about! So I will post some material from my BRI book. Here's a few misguided reviews for you:


Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs Snow White and the Seven Dwarves: "snow white is a failure in every way. As a moving figure she is unreal, as a face and body she is absurd, and what she does is ludicrous.. Another Snow White will sounds the Disney death-knell." -Current History, 1938
Star Wars Star Wars: "O dull new world! It is all as exciting as last year's weather reports... all trite characters and paltry verbiage." -New York, 1977
Wizard of Oz The Wizard of Oz : "Displays no trace of imagination, good taste or ingenuity.. It's a stinkeroo." - The New Yorker, 1939
Star Wars The Empire Strikes Back: Malodorous offal.. Everything is stake, limp, desperately stretched out, and pretentious. Harrison Ford offers loutishness for charm, and becomes the epitome of the interstellar drugstore cowboy." - National Review, 1980
Jaws Jaws: (the adds show a gaping shark's mouth.) "If sharks can yawn, that's presumably what this one is doing. It's certainly what I was doing through this picture.." -The New Republic, 1975

Hehehehe. Personally, I liked Star Wars! ..What is "loutishness" anyways?


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Friday, March 24, 2006

Cuddle up in a blanket, make some popcorn.. and watch your friend run around shooting dinosaurs!

Grand Theft AutoMy best friend loves video games. He likes shooting games. I'm not really into those, god knows I hate GTA and all things related, and I couldn't shoot a gun for my life, real or not. My friend, however, is really really good, and sometimes when I come over, I like to sit next to him and watch him play. It's really fun.

If there are people visiting this site who love playing video games, then I have good news. Soon, (With luck.. my friend is a great procrasinator, only second to me) I hope to post some game reviews for you guys! If anyone has any suggestions, please leave a post in my discussion area, and I'll get right on having my friend write something up! I'm sure he'll be very pleased to help me. I said I'd trade him a chocolate bar for every review.

Oh wait. He's off candy for Lent. Haha sucker!

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Stuff on my Cat
Tuesday, March 21, 2006

There's nothing more fun than dressing your cat up in crazy outfits!

Hahahaha I have to show you this site to you guys.. My friend made me look at it earlier today, I had a great laugh. For those who think dressing up animals is cruel, though, I guess this site isn't for you. Cathusiasts. I have a cat, and I believe that, as Michael Lalonde wrote on his Ornery Boy site, cats are the jerks of the animal kingdom. Not that they're all evil. Just most of them. Ah, but I love them anyways.

If you..enjoy.. dressing up your cat(s) in crazy outfits.. Or just taking pictures of them with food/gadgets/misc on top of them, this place is for you. You can always send in cute pictures and add to the extensive "stuff on my cat" pictures, too :D This is also a great place to browse through when you have nothing better to do. So here's another site to help you in the fight against i-boredom.



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Ten great books/series I have read:
Tuesday, March 7, 2006

The Wheel Of Time Wheel of Time, a HUGE series by Robert Jordan. I love these books, but they're not for everyone. You really need to be into liking long descriptions, and making a huge commitment to reading all 11 books (and counting!). Think of this as a LOTR with a much more defined world, lots and lots of girl characters, and no hobbits.
Sabriel The Sabriel Trilogy these books are great, once again they're adventure books. They're about Sabriel, a girl who is a necromancer like her father, and in the later books, about a girl named Lireal. They're very good books, interesting, and I really like the concept.
A Great And Terrible Beauty A Great and Terrible Beauty This book is really good, I like stories about girls in boarding schools, they're cool. This one is about a girl called Gemma who's mother was mysteriously killed in India, and who is trying to puzzle out the weird happenings going on around her.
Angels And Demons Angels and Demons This the prequel to the very famous Da Vinci Code, but to be honest, I prefer this book much more! Join Robert Langdon on his first adventure to the Vatican. If you like art and religion, or if you just like mystery.. or if you liked DaVinci code. Or if you like books in general, this one is for you!
The DaVinci Code The DaVinci Code I love art. I love Robert Langdon, and I love this book. I know everyone has read it. I know it's long. But do yourself a favor and get it anyways!
The Great Train Robbery The Great Train Robbery Based on real events, this book by Michael Crichton is really interesting! I absolutely loved it. It's nice and long, and there's some dialect, but I'm a big dialect fan.
Timeline Timeline Hated the movie, loved the book. Again this is for those who like history, dialect and adventure. This one is about a group of researchers who go back into time to find one of their co-workers, who is stuck in the Middle-Ages.
Lord of the Flies Lord of the Flies A must-read book in most high schools, Lord of the Flies is about a group of boys stranded on an island in a planecrash, with no adults to help them. They kinda go a little nuts. This is quite an intense story, though. I guess this book isn't for those with a sensitive stomach.
Fahrenheit 451 Farenheit 451 I am absolutely in love with this story. Basically, it is about a futuristic world where books are banned and critical thought is supressed. One man, Guy Montag, is determined to find out why.
Confessions of Georgina Nicolson Confessions of Georgina Nicolson "Bridget Jones for the younger set, Georgia records the momentous events of her life--and they are all momentous--in her diary, which serves as a truly hilarious account of what it means to be a modern girl on the cusp of womanhood. No matter that her particular story takes place in England, the account of her experiences rings true across the ocean." If you love humor, these are definetely for you. (Angus, Thongs, and FFS)
Night Sorry, I know there's only supposed to be 10.. But I have another must-read. It is called Night. It is a true story by Elie Wiesel, a Nobel Peace Prize winning author who recounts when he was taken from his home, seperated from his family, and sent to the Auschwitz concentration camp during the second World War. It is a very intense, moving and powerful book. It's short, so if you have a week, or a night, read it. You'll be hooked from beginning until the end. And even after you've finished, it's hard to shake off his words. This story is chilling. But man is it good.

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Date Movie..meh.
Wednesday, March 1, 2006

Fandango Movie TicketsGood, but they should stick to Scary Movies..

So I recently saw Date Movie with a bunch of friends. (Mostly guys..) I have to say, some found it hilarious, some found it entertaining, and some even found it just plain lame. So, what did Steph think? Hmm.. I laughed a lot. I think that that's an important part of a movie, but did I feel that the movie was worth the ten bucks? Nah. If you ask me, this story was more a collage of scenes than a real movie. I liked the Scary Movies because I found that there was at least I followable plot, which ties the jokes all together. But with Date Movie, it is very choppy and predictable. It doesn't really have any substance. Of course, there are some funny parts. Like when Andy, the hot model friend of the groom, washes the car Paris Hilton/Jessica Simpsons style.. with a hamburger. But if you're expecting something more like Scary Movie, just wait for the fourth one to come out.

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Chocolate.. So Yummy...
Monday, February 20, 2006

Steph has no will power!

So soon it's Lent. When does Lent start? Geez, I have no idea. My friends want me to give something up.. Like chocolate. My friend is completely off video games for the 40 days. I don't know if I should do it though. I'm not exactly religious, so I'd only give up something to support my friends. I wonder if I could give up junk food for the 40 days though. Do you think it'd be worth a try? I guess so. I wonder just how long I could last. It's not that I really like junk food. Lately, because of March Break, there have been a lot of days drinking Coke and sitting around wathcing movies and eating chips. But since I'm back to the daily grind at school, I could always leave my money at home and tough out the next month and a bit.. Ah!! a MONTH! I wonder if pizza counts.. I wonder if Frappucinos count?? I could never go off my Frappucinos..

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I want to be a Strawberry!
Monday, February 13, 2006

Wanna be original?

FruitsThe other day I was hanging out with a friend of mine, and she showed me a photo book called Fruits, which is a collection of different outfits/people from Japan! I love this book because the styles are incredible, and you can flip through it for hours. My friend says that in Japan the kids like to dress up on days where they have no school, probably during the summer, I don't know, but they all hang out and wear crazy outfits, and no one minds. It's really cool to see the different tastes, and I would love to be able to express myself like that. I find where I live people are very open to different styles, but nothing like this. I suggest for those who like photography, Japan and especially cool styles/fashions, that you take a look at this book. I had a lot of fun flipping through it, and I plan to buy it soon.

Also, if you like to draw, I would suggest this book. On days where I have absolutely no inspiration, I can just pick out a picture and go crazy.

FruitsMy friend also said that a lot of these kids get their stuff at Thrift shops or make clothes themselves. I am really interested in the whole "make your own" style, and so I plan, eventually, to make a cool costume like one in the book that I can wear on days I feel especially risky. If you're into make-your-own stuff, check out some of the DIY sites I've posted up on my Links page!

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DIY Update
Wednesday, February 8, 2006

I cannot sew.. But my mom can! Mwahahah!

The other day my friend came over and we somehow ended up deciding to dye her hair. So my mom handed me this cute red shirt with a crest on the front. It has three-quarter sleeves, and my friend fell instantly in love with it! So, we cut it up, and sewed up one side, adding ribbon to hold it up. Now, with a nice string of pearls from my mom's craft box (yay for vintage costume jewelry!) I have a new shirt, for nothing at all! And I am obsessed. My next project is to take a sweater and make it into a bag by sewing the bottom, the sleeves together to make the strap, and you can sling the hood over to cover the top. It is so cute, and the best thing is you can find and use any sweater you want, so it's extra original. A lot of people I see use sewn up shorts as a purse, but I like the sweater idea too, and it's easy to do. I need my mom to help me though >_>

When I finish it, I'll put up pictures for you to see. Also, I will upload pics to show you how to make a belt out of ribbon and pop can tabs in an hour or two, tops! I would give a link, but sadly I can't seem to find a place with clear instructions and helpful pictures :/

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Monday, February 6, 2006

I love Jake. Jake Jake Jake.

Fandango - Movie Tickets OnlineI have a crush on Jake Gyllenhaal. And when I heard about him starring in Brokeback Mountain, I was very interested in seeing it. I haven't yet (no one will go with me) but a friend of mine did and she gave it rave reviews! She absolutely loved it, and said not to assume that it was just a movie about gay cowboys. She said it was so much more than that.

I have been looking around and to my (happy) surprise, I have found lots of really good words for this movie. I hadn't thought this movie would be much of a sucsess, because I had thought a lot of people would be iffy about seeing it. But that wasn't the case at all! Apparently the theater was full of people of every age group, (save children..) mostly middle aged and older women with their husbands in tow, and they all enjoyed it immensely. There was no uncomfortableness, the story was handled very well, it has a good plot, which many movies these days lack, and, as I have heard, it is totally worth the money. I will go see this movie, and write a more knowledgeable review, but for now, I say "Go check it out and let me know what you thought!"

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Old Games your kids will love
Friday, February 3, 2006

Lion cubs and dinosaurs and detectives, oh my!

I was just reminiscing over old games I absolutely adored when I was younger, and how I wish I could play them again for old times sake! With all the new, awesome-graphicyness games coming out, everyone overlooks the fun games of long ago. For parents stumbling upon this site, take a look at my list. These are all old games for parents who don't want to pay 60 bucks, but who also want a game that doesn't involve two lines and a moving dot.

Chaos Island Kids to adults - Chaos Island, by Dreamworks Interactive, is great for kids who love dinosaurs (like me) and who like strategic/action games. It's pretty much a game of The Lost World, Jurassic Park, and you can play with the characters from the movie, Eddie Carr, Kelly, Nick, etc. The game is mildly easy, although there are difficulty settings. The graphics are O.K., usually kids don't care, and there isn't really any violence, so it's friendly. I loved this game, I still play it from time to time, and I'm sure it'll be a big hit... God I love dinosaurs.
Goosebumps   Escape from Horrorland. Also by Dreamworks, the Goosebumps games are really fun, and I loved to watch my friend play it when I was about 10-11. Even then it kindof scared me, but it's not that bad. This game is pretty much based on the book, where three kids try to find their parents and get away from a haunted themepark. I can't remember if this game was hard or not, but I do know I spent lots of time playing, and I crave playing it again, if I can find it. I think, if you end up wanting to get it, that your best bet is ordering online. Anyways, it's a fun game, and they also have Attack of the Mutants! Muhaha!
Where in Time is Carmen Sandiego?   Broderbund- I LOVE THIS GAME! I spent hours of my childhood playing this game over and over and over until it didn't work anymore  This game is funtertainment, meaning kids will learn a lot playing this game, and believe me, they will. I still remember everything about that game and it has been roughly 10 years. If you have little kids, please, please do them the favor and get this game. They will love you. I will love you. It's probably dirt cheap by now, too. I mean, c'mon. It's basically a game where you need to find clues in tons of different levels (with William the Conqueror, Columbus, Yuri Gagurin, Cleopatra, Marco Polo, etc) and catch the theif who is trying to steal precious articles and change history. It is so good. I wish I hadn't lost the second disc :(
Icebreaker       This is a fun, old game where you need to..uh.. Well all I remember is there are little triangles that change color and type, and you need to take over the board. There are over a hundred levels, and it's really fun! If your kid likes strategy and puzzle games, this is for them. You can also make your own maps and triangles so the fun is endless!
Trail Games Meca games aren't exactly the best of quality, but they're fun for little kids who don't want anything too challenging or confusing. The original game is Oregon Trail, where you have to get your people and wagon team to Oregon. There are many obstacles, i.e lakes to cross, diseases to face, and hunting to do. I liked this game when I was little because it was simple, basic, and replayable. There are also many other games such as Yukon Trail and Amazon Trail, although I find the others a tad weird. Stick with the originals, although you can buy the whole pack for extra fun-ness.


I'm tired, I think this blog is long enough, eh? I'll add more later. Hopefully, parents, this was useful. Just don't be phased my the primitive graphics, it's not the pictures that make the game.

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Thursday, February 2, 2006

Come talk to moi!

I have a forum up now, yes.. It's kinda empty.. But I will liven it up a bit so I want you to come and drop me a line.. Suggestion.. Yes! Come tell me what you like, (or don't like), I wanna get to know my audience so don't be afraid to speak up! If you want me to post a topic on my site, just let me know. Now go see. *shove shove*

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Review: C.R.A.Z.Y
Friday, January 27, 2006
3 out of 5 stars

Quebec film is a big hit

I watched a Quebec film the other day with my parents, because my dad saw an add for it in ME. Although my mom didn’t exactly care for it, I really did like the film. It’s called C.R.A.Z.Y and it’s about five brothers living in Montreal in the 70’s. The movie is centered around the 4th child, Zac. As a child, he loves to play with dolls and his baby brother, and the father is concerned. As he grows older and older, it is more apparent that he is different than his brothers.

This is kindof a religious film, but it doesn’t mean you have to be religious to watch it. It’s a good film, it’s long, but I found it was okay if you pause it halfway through to get a snack. I found the moral was good. If you’re a fan of French movies (English subs) then you should really enjoy this movie.  3 out of 5 stars

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So cute it hurts!
Wednesday, January 25, 2006

For those who like a taste of originality

Natasha Bedingfield - UnwrittenHmm, so I was a at a friend’s house yesterday, and that was fun, we watched some movies and listened to music.. Etc. She also lent me her Natasha Bedingfield disc, which is super good! I love Natasha’s lyrics and her calm yet passionate music is what I need sometimes when I’m feeling down. Today was okay. I had a math exam, which I failed.. Arrgh!

During lunch I was surfing the web and came across some really cool boots I want for my birthday, they’re called Trick, and they’re here on This is an awesome site, I love looking around. I’m really into cool dark-skull-cards-theme stuff, not punk, not gothic, because I wear all sorta different clothes. I also found a cool corset site, I started loving corsets when my friend/counselor Bronwyn at a camp I went to showed us the one she had made herself. They are so pretty, and what’s great is there are modern ones now that you can wear that aren’t so…harmful.

Also, try to score some dough at!

For those who like this kindof stuff, I’ll keep posting links for you!

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